Affymetrix Netaffx Annotations in JMP table form

Click on a file to download and store on your disk. File can be joined with your data file on probe set ID.

All June 30 2009 IVT (non-Exon) annotations (JMP format) in one zip file are here. (only 192MB)

Exon annotations are March 11 2009 release for: Human, Mouse, and Rat chips.

Annotations include some or all of the following:
probe set ID, title, Unigene, LocusLink, sequence derived from GenBank ID, GeneSymbol, and map location.
YG_S98 chip also contains SGD accession number. Note: SwissProt, UniGene ID, Gene Title, Entrez Gene, and Alignments fields only have the first value, and if there were multiple ones present in the original files, column [field],multiple will contain a 1.